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Despite being only 17-years-old, JoJo Siwa has quickly become one of the most profitable rising stars of this generation.

Joelle Joanie Siwa, known affectionately to fans as “JoJo,” is a teen sensation who quickly rose to fame after running a wildly popular YouTube channel and appearing on two seasons of “Dance Moms” in 2015. Since then, Siwa has used her presence to expand into several different business ventures — including a line of hair bows with fashion company Claire’s and a clothing line with J.C. Penney.

With an estimated net worth of $14 million, per Celebrity Net Worth, here’s a look at how Siwa has built a massive business empire through a range of merchandising, lucrative business deals and content creation.

Business deals

At just the young age of 13, Siwa inked a deal with Nickelodeon and immediately took a hands-on approach to her business dealings.

“Early on, Nickelodeon wanted to have a meeting, where they discussed big business, and they wanted to do it without me,” Siwa revealed to Forbes in March 2020. “My Mom and I said, ‘That’s not how it works. We’ve been in this together since day one.’”

“[…] In that meeting Pam, who is the head of consumer products, said, ‘Just so you know, if this t shirt doesn’t sell then it’s all over. That was why I didn’t want you here,’” Siwa continued. “Now, every time I see her I laugh and say, ‘How’d that t-shirt sell?’”

To give perspective on how big Siwa’s name really is, she revealed that there are 500 Nickelodeon employees around the world who are dedicated to building her brand.

“There are 500 Nickelodeon employees, worldwide, that support the JoJo brand,” she said. “I can’t be present in every business meeting because they’re probably having three JoJo meetings right now. People in Hong Kong are probably having JoJo meetings. People in Australia are probably having JoJo meetings because it’s such a huge franchise.”

Siwa’s business deal with Nickelodeon led to a massive merchandise line with Target — with branded products from toys to bedroom sets to her widely-acclaimed hair bows.


“It all started with the bows,” Siwa told Forbes. “So far, we’ve sold over 80 million bows.

”With prices ranging between $5 and $16, a “conservative estimate” would place revenue generation at $400 million from bow sales alone.

A look at Siwa’s products on Claire’s’ website reveals that the star has also begun offering exclusive merchandise to the retailer in the form of face masks amid the pandemic.

Face masks range from $12.99-$19.99, while her holographic sequin backpack is listed at $44.99. There is also a plush toy listed at $12.99 and a nail art purse set for $18.99.

Content Creation

One of Siwa’s biggest claims to fame was her booming YouTube channel, which she still updates daily with content.

Siwa’s YouTube channel numbers speak for themselves: Her 2016 “Boomerang” music video has almost 935 million views on the streaming site, while her account overall has amassed 12.2 million subscribers.

It is estimated that Siwa makes around a reported $9 million from her YouTube account.

Other ventures

Aside from her merchandise and work ethic, Siwa was also very active in touring on the road pre-pandemic.

In 2019, Siwa earned a reported whopping $27 million during her debut tour. Nickelodeon and Party City, which presented the tour, got to pocket some of the cash, though Siwa was still left with a huge chunk of money in the end.

As far as her real estate portfolio, in Feb. 2020, Siwa purchased a $3.5 million home in Tarzana, Calif., rife with “marble floors, fireplaces, a gourmet kitchen, French doors, and many other indoor features,” per Celebrity Net Worth